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Living is easy with eyes closed...

This is no longer my regular journal! Please add me at
rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg rach_sg

100x100, 1960's, 60's music, 70's music, a hard day's night, a hard days night, accents, acoustic guitar, aerosmith, alfred hitchcock, america, angelique kidjo, animals, anthony rapp, art garfunkel, back to the future, bands, bass, bass guitar, beatles, beatles icons, billy boyd, bob dylan, books, boston, classic rock, classic tv, comedy, computer graphics, computers, corbin allred, cream, creedence clearwater revival, curly hair, cynthia lennon, da qiao, dance dance revolution, dhani harrison, dick van dyke, dogs, dominic monaghan, donovan, dynasty warriors, electric guitar, elijah wood, england, eric clapton, family, fan fics, fan fiction, fanfiction, fender, film, folk rock, geeks, george harrison, gibson, glasses, graphics, grobanites, guitar, guitarists, harmonica, help!, hippies, hobbits, hot mormon guys, house, hugh laurie, i love lucy, icons, icontests, ipod, jane asher, john lennon, josh groban, julian lennon, kc clyde, ken jennings, kirby heyborne, led zeppelin, lemonade, let it be, linda mccartney, lord of the rings, lotr, lucia micarelli, m*a*s*h, magical mystery tour, making icons, michael j. fox, monty python, mormons, movies, mroof, music, music icons, olivia harrison, paint shop pro 8, pattie boyd, paul mccartney, paul simon, pictures, pippin took, playing music, psp, reading, rent, revolver, richard dawson, ringo starr, rock n' roll, rubber soul, saints and soldiers, sean lennon, simon & garfunkel, singer-songwriters, singing, sitar, sleep, slide guitar, spirituality, star wars, stevie ray vaughn, stills, stuart sutcliffe, sun ce, textures, the beatles, the best two years, the internet, the ocean, the office, the rm, the singles ward, the traveling wilburys, the who, titanic, traveling wilburys, utah, violin, web design, website design, whose line, william moseley, wings, writing music, wu, yellow submarine